Toyota Prius Owners Manual

Engine exhaust cautions
OPERATION OF INSTRUMENTS ANDCONTROLS / Information before driving your Toyota / Engine exhaust cautions


  • Avoid inhaling the engine exhaust.It contains carbon monoxide, whichis a colorless and odorless gas. Itcan cause unconsciousness or evendeath.
  • Make sure the exhaust system hasno holes or loose connections. Thesystem should be checked fromtime to time. If you hit something,or notice a change in the sound ofthe exhaust, have the systemchecked immediately.
  • Do not run the hybrid system in agarage or enclosed area except forthe time needed to drive the vehiclein or out. The exhaust gases cannotescape, making this a particularlydangerous situation.
  • Do not remain for a long time in aparked vehicle with the hybrid systemrunning. If it is unavoidable,however, do so only in an unconfinedarea and adjust the heating orcooling system to force outside airinto the vehicle.
  • Keep the back door closed whiledriving. An open or unsealed backdoor may cause exhaust gases tobe drawn into the vehicle.
  • To allow proper operation of yourvehicle’s ventilation system, keepthe inlet grilles in front of the windshieldclear of snow, leaves, or otherobstructions.
  • If you smell exhaust fumes in thevehicle, open the windows andclose the back door to ensureplenty of fresh air enters the vehicle.If you can smell exhaustfumes even though there are noother vehicles in the surroundingarea, have your vehicle checked byyour Toyota dealer. Continued inhalationof exhaust fumes can leadto death by gas poisoning.

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