Toyota Prius Owners Manual

Scheduled maintenance
Vehicle maintenance and care / Maintenance requirements / Scheduled maintenance

The scheduled maintenance items listed inthe “Scheduled Maintenance Guide” or“Owner’s Manual Supplement” are thoserequired to be serviced at regular intervals.

For details of your maintenance schedule,read the “Scheduled Maintenance Guide”or “Owner’s Manual Supplement”.It is recommended that only genuineToyota parts be used for maintenanceor for the repair of the emission controlsystem.

The owner may elect to use non−Toyotasupplied parts for replacement purposeswithout invalidating the emissioncontrol system warranty. However, useof replacement parts which are not ofequivalent quality may impair the effectivenessof the emission control systems.

You may also elect to have maintenance,replacement, or repair of theemission control devices and systemperformed by any automotive repair establishmentor individual without invalidatingthis warranty. See “Owner’s WarrantyInformation Booklet” or “Owner’sManual Supplement” for complete warrantyinformation.

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