Toyota Prius Owners Manual

Electric power steering system
OPERATION OF INSTRUMENTS ANDCONTROLS / Information before driving your Toyota / Electric power steering system

The electric power steering system, usingan electric motor, assists the turningof the steering wheel.

In the following cases, you may feel thesteering becomes heavy. However, theelectric power steering system warninglight does not come on. (Because it isnot a malfunction.)

When maneuvering the steering frequentlyor keeping the steering wheelturned fully while the vehicle is stoppedor moving very slowly

The power steering effect will be reducedto prevent the system from overheating.Avoid turning the steeringwheel, or stop the vehicle. When youleave the vehicle in the “IG−ON” modefor a while, the system will becomecool.


If you repeat the operation which willturn on the overheating preventionfunction, the electric power steeringsystem may be damaged.

When the 12 volt battery is discharged

Check the 12 volt battery’s condition.If necessary, recharge or replace thebattery. For details, see “Checking 12volt battery condition” on page 418.

When the steering wheel is operatedwith the hybrid system not to be turnedon (with the “READY” light off)

The 12 volt battery capacity is decreasedtemporarily. The system returnsto normal some time after thehybrid system is turned on.

If there is a problem somewhere in theelectric power steering system, the warninglight comes on in the multi−informationdisplay. For details, see “Multi−informationdisplay” on page 133.

When you move the steering wheel, anelectrical motor noise may be heard. Thisis power steering motor noise, and is nota malfunction.

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