Toyota Prius Owners Manual

Power outlets
OPERATION OF INSTRUMENTS ANDCONTROLS / Other equipment / Power outlets

Toyota Prius: Power outlets. Instrument panel

Instrument panel

Toyota Prius: Power outlets. Rear console box

Rear console box

The power outlets are designed forpower supply for car accessories.

The hybrid system must be in “ACC” or“IG−ON” for the power outlets to be used.


  • To prevent the fuse from beingblown, do not use the electricityover the total vehicle capacity of12V/120W.
  • To prevent the battery from beingdischarged, do not use the poweroutlet longer than necessary whenthe hybrid system is not operating.
  • Close the power outlet lid when thepower outlet is not in use. Insertinganything other than an appropriateplug that fits the outlet, or allowingany liquid to get into the outletmay cause electrical failure or shortcircuits.

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