Toyota Prius Owners Manual

Toyota hybrid system
FEATURES ON NEW TOYOTA VEHICLE / Toyota hybrid system / Toyota hybrid system

Toyota hybrid system combines a gasolineengine and electric motor power toimprove the fuel economy and minimizethe emissions as well as to providebetter power performance than the ordinarygasoline−powered vehicles.

Depending on the driving condition, thevehicle runs on the best combination of;

  • Gasoline engine power
  • Electric motor power generated bythe gasoline engine
  • Electric motor power of the hybridbattery

Furthermore, the energy is efficiently usedin the following ways:

  • When stopping the vehicle, the gasolineengine is automatically stopped.
  • When applying the brakes or decelerating,electricity is converted from theturning force of the wheels and storedin the hybrid battery. (This is calledregenerative brake.)

Since the battery is charged by thegasoline engine as needed, it does notrequire charging from an outsidesource like an electric vehicle.

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