Toyota Prius Owners Manual

Switch operation
OPERATION OF INSTRUMENTS ANDCONTROLS / Multi−information display / Switch operation

This system operates mainly by theswitches on the screen. To protect thescreen, lightly touch switches on thescreen with your finger. When you toucha switch on the screen or on the bezel,a beep sounds.

If the system does not respond to atouch of a switch, move your fingeraway from the screen and then touchit again.

You cannot operate dimmed switches.

Wipe off fingerprints on the surface ofthe display using a glass cleaningcloth.

The displayed image may becomedarker and moving images may beslightly distorted when the display iscold.

When you look at the screen throughpolarized material such as polarizedsunglasses, the screen may be darkand hard to see. If so, look at thescreen from different angles, adjust thescreen settings on the “Display”screen, or take off your sunglasses.

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