Toyota Prius Owners Manual

Multi−information display
OPERATION OF INSTRUMENTS ANDCONTROLS / Gauges, Meters and Service reminder indicators / Multi−information display

Toyota Prius: Multi−information display. Type 1

Type 1

Toyota Prius: Multi−information display. Type 2

Type 2

If an error occurs in the system, thewarning message and icon appear.

For details on the warning display andhow to remedy the system, see the descriptionon the following pages.

Toyota Prius: Multi−information display. Charging System Warning Light

Charging System Warning Light

When there are problems in the chargingsystem while the hybrid system is running,the warning light comes on.


When the charging system warninglight comes on while the hybrid systemis running, malfunctions mayhave occurred. If the warning lightcomes on, immediately stop the vehiclein a safe place and contact yourToyota dealer.

Low Engine Oil Pressure WarningLight

This light warns that the engine oil pressureis too low.

If it stays on while you are driving, pulloff the road to a safe place and stop theengine immediately. Call a Toyota dealeror qualified repair shop for assistance.

The light may come on when the oil levelis extremely low. It is not designed toindicate low oil level, and the oil levelmust be checked using the level dipstick.


Do not drive the vehicle with thewarning light on—even for one block.It may ruin the engine.

High Coolant TemperatureWarning Light

The light operates to warn that the hybridsystem is almost overheating.

If it comes on while you are driving, stopthe vehicle and check your hybrid system.For detailed instructions, see “If your vehicleoverheats” on page 364.

Your vehicle may overheat during severeoperating conditions, such as:

  • Driving up a long hill on a hot day.
  • Reducing speed or stopping after highspeed driving.


  • Do not remove the thermostat inthe cooling system as this maycause the hybrid system to overheat.The thermostat is designed tocontrol the flow of coolant to keepthe temperature of the hybrid systemwithin the specified operatingrange.
  • Continued driving with the light oncould result in the overheating ofhybrid system.

Electric Power Steering SystemWarning Light

This light comes on when the powersteering control system fails.


If this light comes on, take your vehicleto the Toyota dealer as soon aspossible. In this case, you may feelthe heavy steering wheel maneuvering.Drive your vehicle while grippingthe steering wheel firmly.

Hybrid System Warning Light

This light comes on if there is a problemin the electric motor, inverter unit, hybridbattery, etc.

If this light is on, stop your vehicle in asafe place immediately and contact yourToyota dealer.

Even if the hybrid system warning lightcomes on, you can temporarily increasethe vehicle speed by depressing the acceleratorpedal. Immediately pull up yourvehicle to a safe place and contact yourToyota dealer.

Hybrid Battery Warning Light

This light comes on in the followingcases.

a. The hybrid battery voltage drops whenthe hybrid transaxle is left in “N” position.

The system works properly if you put thehybrid transaxle in “P” position and thelight goes off.

b. The hybrid battery is discharged.

If this light comes on with the “READY”light on in case of b., stop your vehiclein a safe place and contact your Toyotadealer.

Automatic Headlight Leveling SystemWarning Light

This light warns that there is a problemsomewhere in the automatic headlightleveling system.

If it comes on, have your vehicle checkedby your Toyota dealer.

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