Toyota Prius Owners Manual

Head restraints
OPERATION OF INSTRUMENTS ANDCONTROLS / Occupant restraint systems / Head restraints

Toyota Prius: Head restraints. Front


Toyota Prius: Head restraints. Rear


For your safety and comfort, adjust thehead restraint before driving,

To raise: Pull it up.

To lower: Push it down while pressing thelock release button.

Rear center head restraint—When an occupantsits on the rear center seat, alwayspull up the rear center head restraintto the lock position.

The head restraint is most effective whenit is close to your head. Therefore, usinga cushion on the seatback is not recommended.


  • Adjust the center of the head restraintso that it is closest to thetop of your ears.
  • After adjusting the head restraint,make sure it is locked in position.
  • Do not drive with the head restraintsremoved.

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