Toyota Prius Owners Manual

If an accident occurs
Important information about your Toyota / If an accident occurs

Pull your vehicle off the road, push the “P” positionswitch, stop the hybrid system and if the keyis inserted into key slot, remove it.

In order to avoid personal injuries, do not touchany high voltage wirings and their connectors, andhigh voltage parts (inverter unit, hybrid battery,etc.).

If some exposed electric wires are protruding insideor outside of your vehicle, an electric shockmay occur. Never touch the electric wires.

If fluid leaks or gets in some parts of the vehicle,never touch it because it may be electrolyte(strong alkali) from the hybrid battery. If it getsinto your skin or eyes, wash off immediately witha large amount of water, if possible, boric acidsolution, and get immediate medical attention inorder to help avoid serious injury.

If a vehicle fire occurs, extinguish it using a fireextinguisher for the exclusive use on electric fires.Or, use a large amount of water to prevent flammablegas from being generated from the batteries.

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