Toyota Prius Owners Manual

Precautions for useof hybrid vehicle
Important information about your Toyota / Precautions for useof hybrid vehicle

The vehicle has both high voltage DC and AC systems aswell as a 12−volt system. DC and AC high voltage are bothvery dangerous and can cause death or serious injury, severeburns and electric shock.

  • In order to avoid personal injuries, do not touchthe high voltage cables (orange colored) and theirconnectors.
  • Follow the caution labels attached to the high voltageparts.
  • Do not remove or replace the high voltage partssuch as the inverter unit (located in the enginecompartment), hybrid battery (located behind rearseat), etc.
  • Do not touch the service plug located in the leftside trim of the luggage compartment without hybridsystem technical training. (See “Precautionsfor use” on page 14.) This component is providedto disable the high voltage system in case of servicingat a Toyota dealer.

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