Toyota Prius Owners Manual

Event data recorder
Important information about your Toyota / Event data recorder

Your vehicle has computers that monitor and controlcertain aspects of your vehicle. These computers assistin driving and maintaining optimal vehicle performance.Besides storing data useful for troubleshooting, there isa system to record data in a crash or a near car crashevent. This is called an Event Data Recorder (EDR).

The SRS airbag sensor assembly contains the EDR. Ina crash or a near car crash event, this device mayrecord some or all of the following information:

  • Engine speed
  • Whether the brake pedal was applied or not
  • Vehicle speed
  • To what extent the accelerator pedal was depressed
  • Position of the transmission selector lever
  • Whether the driver and front passenger wore theseat belts or not
  • Driver’s seat position
  • Front passenger’s occupant classification
  • SRS airbag deployment data
  • SRS airbag system diagnostic data

If your vehicle is equipped with a vehicle stability control(VSC) system, its Electronic Control Unit (ECU) maycontain another EDR. There are a variety of drivingsituations which include activating the VSC under whichthe VSC EDR will record certain information. The VSCEDR may record some or all of the following information:

  • Behavior of the vehicle
  • Steering wheel angle
  • Vehicle speed
  • To what extent the accelerator pedal was depressed
  • To what extent the brake pedal was applied
  • To what extent the ECU controlled the condition ofthe 4 wheels
  • Vehicle stability control system diagnostic data

The information above is intended to be used for thepurpose of improving vehicle safety performance. Unlikegeneral data recorders, the EDR does not record sounddata such as conversation between passengers.

Toyota will not disclose the data recorded in an EDR toa third party except when:

  • An agreement from the vehicle’s owner (or the leasingcompany for a leased vehicle) is obtained
  • Officially requested by the police or other authorities
  • Used as a defence for Toyota in a law suit
  • Ordered by the court

However, if necessary Toyota will:

  • Use the data for research on Toyota vehicle safetyperformance
  • Disclose the data to a third party for research purposeswithout disclosing details of the vehicle owner,and only when it is deemed necessary
  • Disclose summarized data cleared of vehicle identificationinformation to a non−Toyota organization forresearch purposes

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