Toyota Prius Owners Manual

Occupant restraint systems
Important information about your Toyota / Occupant restraint systems

Toyota encourages you and your family to take the timeto read Section 2−2 of this Owner’s Manual carefully. Interms of helping you understand how you can receivethe maximum benefit of the occupant restraint systemsthis vehicle provides, Section 2−2 of this Owner’s Manualis the most important section for you and your familyto read.

Section 2−2 describes the function and operation concerningseats, seat belts, SRS airbags and child restraintsystems of this vehicle and some potential hazardsyou should be aware of. These systems work togetheralong with the overall structure of this vehicle inorder to provide occupant restraint in the event of acrash. The effect of each system is enhanced when it isused properly and together with other systems. Nosingle occupant restraint system can, by itself, provideyou or your family with the equal level of restraint whichthese systems can provide when used together. That iswhy it is important for you and your family to understandthe purpose and proper use of each of thesesystems and how they relate to each other.The purpose of all occupant restraint systems is to helpreduce the possibility of death or serious injury in theevent of a collision. None of these systems, either individuallyor together, can ensure that there is no injury inthe event of collision. However, the more you knowabout these systems and how to use them properly, thegreater your chances become of surviving an accidentwithout death or serious injury.

Seat belts provide the primary restraint to all occupantsof the vehicle, and every occupant of the vehicle shouldwear seat belts properly at all times. Children shouldalways be secured in child restraint systems that areappropriate for their age and size. SRS (SupplementalRestraint System) airbags are, as their names imply,designed to work with, and be supplemental to, seatbelts and are not substitutes for them. SRS airbags canbe very effective in reducing the risk of head and chestinjuries by preventing contact of the head and chest withinterior portions of the vehicle.

In order to be effective, the SRS airbags must deploywith tremendous speed. The rapid deployment of theSRS airbags makes the SRS airbags themselves potentialsources of serious injury if an occupant is too closeto an airbag, or if an object or some part of his or herbody has been placed between the occupant and theairbag at the time of deployment. This is just one exampleof how the instructions in Section 2−2 of this Owner’sManual will help ensure proper use of the occupantrestraint systems, and increase the safety they can provideto you and your family in the event of an accident.

Toyota recommends you to read the provisions in Section2−2 carefully and refer to them as needed duringyour time of ownership of this vehicle.

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