Toyota Prius Owners Manual

Aluminum wheel precautions
DO−IT−YOURSELF MAINTENANCE / Engine and Chassis / Aluminum wheel precautions

  • When installing aluminum wheels,check that the wheel nuts are tightafter driving your vehicle the first 1600km (1000 miles).
  • If you have rotated, repaired, orchanged your tires, check that thewheel nuts are still tight after driving1600 km (1000 miles).
  • When using tire chains, be careful notto damage the aluminum wheels.
  • Use only Toyota wheel nuts andwrench designed for your aluminumwheels.
  • When balancing your wheels, use onlyToyota balance weights or equivalentand a plastic or rubber hammer.
  • As with any wheel, periodically checkyour aluminum wheels for damage. Ifdamaged, replace immediately.

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