Toyota Prius Owners Manual

Replacing wheels
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If you have wheel damage such asbending, cracks or heavy corrosion, thewheel should be replaced.

If you fail to replace a damaged wheel,the tire may slip off the wheel or causeloss of handling control.


When replacing wheels, care should betaken to ensure that the wheels are replacedby ones with the same load capacity,diameter, rim width, and offset.

This must be observed on compact sparetire, too.

Correct replacement wheels are availableat your Toyota dealer.

A wheel of a different size or type mayadversely affect handling, wheel and bearinglife, brake cooling, speedometer/odometercalibration, stopping ability, headlightaim, bumper height, vehicle ground clearance,and tire or snow chain clearance tothe body and chassis.

Replacement with used wheels is not recommendedas they may have been subjectedto rough treatment or high mileageand could fail without warning. Also, bentwheels which have been straightened mayhave structural damage and thereforeshould not be used. Never use an innertube in a leaking wheel which is designedfor a tubeless tire.

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