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Wireless remote control
OPERATION OF INSTRUMENTS ANDCONTROLS / Keys and Doors / Wireless remote control

Toyota Prius: Wireless remote control. 1. Lock switch

1. Lock switch

2. Indicator light

3. Unlock switch

4. Panic switch

The wireless remote control system isdesigned to lock or unlock all the sidedoors and back door, or activate thetheft deterrent system from a distancewithin approximately 1 m (3 ft.) of thevehicle.

When you operate any switch, push itslowly and securely. At this time, the indicatorlight flashes once.

The wireless remote control key is anelectronic component. Observe the followinginstructions in order not to cause damageto the key.

  • Do not leave the key in places wherethe temperature becomes high such ason the dashboard.
  • Do not disassemble it.
  • Avoid knocking it hard against otherobjects or dropping it.
  • Avoid putting it in water.

If your vehicle is equipped with smartentry and start system, you can use upto 5 master keys for the same vehicle. Incase of the vehicle not equipped withsmart entry and start system, up to 4master keys are available. Contact yourToyota dealer for detailed information.

If the wireless remote control key doesnot actuate the doors or alarm or operatefrom a normal distance, or indicator lighton the key is dimmed or does not comeon:

  • Check for closeness to a radio transmittersuch as a radio station or anairport which can interfere with normaloperation of the key.
  • The battery may have been consumed.Check the battery in the key. To replacethe battery, see “—Replacing battery”on page 38.

If you lose your key, contact your Toyotadealer as soon as possible to avoid thepossibility of theft, or an accident. (See “Ifyou lose your keys” on page 379.)

Locking and unlockingdoors

Toyota Prius: Wireless remote control. Locking operation

Locking operation

Toyota Prius: Wireless remote control. Unlocking operation

Unlocking operation

To lock and unlock all the doors, pushthe switches slowly and securely.

To lock: Push the lock switch. All the sidedoors and back door are locked simultaneously.At this time, the turn signal lightswill flash once.

Check to see that the doors are securelylocked.

If any of the doors is not securely closedor if the key is in the key slot, lockingcannot be performed by the lock switch.At this time, a beep will sound for 10seconds on the vehicle with smart entryand smart system. However, if the key isin the key slot, a beep will not sound. Tostop the beep, close all the side doorsand back door securely or push the unlockswitch.

The buzzer can be disabled. For details,contact your Toyota dealer.

To unlock: Push the unlock switch once tounlock the driver’s door alone. Pushingthe switch twice within 3 seconds unlocksall the doors simultaneously. Each timethe unlock switch is pushed, the turn signallights will flash twice.

This double switch operation to unlock allthe side doors and back door can bechanged to a single switch operation. Fordetails, contact your Toyota dealer.

When the unlock switch is pressed theinterior light comes on. The light remainson for about 15 seconds unless any of thedoors is opened and then closed. (Forfurther information, see “Interior lights” onpage 115.)

You have 30 seconds to open a door afterusing the wireless remote unlock feature.If a door is not opened by then, all thedoors will be automatically locked again.

The timing for the automatic door lockfunction can be changed. For details, contactyour Toyota dealer.

If the lock or unlock switch is keptpressed in, the locking or unlocking operationis not repeated. Release the switchand then push it again.

The following adjustments can be made inthis system. For details, contact yourToyota dealer:

  • Canceling the wireless door locking orunlocking function
  • Canceling the flash of the turn signal

Activating panic mode

Toyota Prius: Wireless remote control. Pushing the panic switch for 1 secondblows the horn intermittently andflashes the headlights, tail lights andemergency flashers and turns on theinterior light.

Pushing the panic switch for 1 secondblows the horn intermittently andflashes the headlights, tail lights andemergency flashers and turns on theinterior light.

The panic switch is used to deter vehicletheft when you witness anyone attemptingto break into or damage your vehicle.

The alarm will last for one minute. To stopthe alarm midway, do the follows:

  • Push any switch on the key.
  • Put the hybrid system in the “IG−ON”mode.

The panic mode does not work in “IG−ON”mode.

The alarm function can be activated ordeactivated. For details, contact yourToyota dealer.


Changes or modifications not expresslyapproved by the party responsiblefor compliance could void theuser’s authority to operate the equipment.

Replacing battery

For replacement, use a CR2032 lithiumbattery or equivalent and a special screwdriver.


Special care should be taken thatsmall children do not swallow the removedbattery or components.


  • When replacing the battery, be carefulnot to lose the components.
  • Replace only with the same orequivalent type recommended by aToyota dealer.
  • Dispose of used batteries accordingto the local laws.

Replace the battery by following procedures.

Toyota Prius: Wireless remote control. 1. Remove the mechanical key and coverwith slide the lock knob in the arrowdirection.

1. Remove the mechanical key and coverwith slide the lock knob in the arrowdirection.

Toyota Prius: Wireless remote control. 2. Remove the 4 screws to take out thelid of the module.

2. Remove the 4 screws to take out thelid of the module.


Do not bend the terminals.

3. Remove the discharged battery and putin a new battery with positive (+) sideup.


  • Make sure the positive side andnegative side of the battery arefaced correctly.
  • Do not replace the battery with wethands. Water may cause unexpectedrust.
  • Do not touch or move any componentsinside the transmitter, or itmay interfere with proper operation.
  • Be careful not to bend the electrodewhen inserting the battery and thatdust or oils do not adhere to thecase.

4. Install the lid with the 4 screws.


Take care not to damage or bend theO−ring when installing.

5. Replace the mechanical key and coverwith slide the lock knob.

After replacing the battery, check that thekey operates properly. If the key still doesnot operate properly, contact your Toyotadealer.

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