Toyota Prius Owners Manual

Positioning the jack
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Toyota Prius: Positioning the jack. Front


Toyota Prius: Positioning the jack. Rear


When jacking up your vehicle with thejack, position the jack correctly asshown in the illustrations.


When jacking, be sure to observe thefollowing to reduce the possibility ofpersonal injury:

  • Follow jacking instructions.
  • Do not put any part of your bodyunder the vehicle supported by thejack. Personal injury may occur.
  • Do not start or run the engine whileyour vehicle is supported by thejack.
  • Stop the vehicle on a level firmground, firmly set the parking brakeand put the transaxle in “P”.
  • Make sure to set the jack properlyin the jack point. Raising the vehiclewith jack improperly positionedwill damage the vehicle ormay allow the vehicle to fall off thejack and cause personal injury.
  • Never get under the vehicle whenthe vehicle is supported by the jackalone.
  • Do not raise the vehicle with someonein the vehicle.
  • When raising the vehicle, do notplace any objects on top of or underneaththe jack.


Make sure to place the jack correctly,or your vehicle may be damaged.

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