Toyota Prius Owners Manual

Vehicle maintenance and care / General maintenance / OUTSIDE THE VEHICLE

Items listed below should be performedfrom time to time, unless otherwisespecified.

Fluid leaks

Check underneath for leaking fuel, oil, wateror other fluid after the vehicle hasbeen parked for a while. If you smell fuelfumes or notice any leak, have the causefound and corrected immediately.

Doors and engine hoodCheck that all doors and trunk operatesmoothly and all latches lock securely.Make sure the engine hood secondarylatch secures the hood from opening whenthe primary latch is released.

Tire inflation pressure

Check the pressure with a gauge everytwo weeks, or at least once amonth. See page 409 for additionalinformation.

Tire surface and wheel nuts

Check the tires carefully for cuts,damage or excessive wear. See Section8−2 for additional information.When checking the tires, make sureno nuts are missing, and check thenuts for looseness. Tighten them ifnecessary.

Tire rotation

Rotate the tires according to themaintenance schedule. (For scheduledmaintenance information, pleaserefer to the “Scheduled MaintenanceGuide” or “Owner’s Manual Supplement”.)See page 413 for additionalinformation.

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