Toyota Prius Owners Manual

Vehicle maintenance and care / General maintenance / INSIDE THE VEHICLE

Items listed below should be checkedregularly, e.g. while performing periodicservices, cleaning the vehicle, etc.


Make sure the headlights, stop lights, taillights, turn signal lights, and other lightsare all working. Check headlight aim.

Service reminder indicators and warningbuzzers

Check that all service reminder indicatorsand warning buzzers function properly.

Steering wheel

Be alert for changes in steering condition,such as hard steering or strange noise.


Check that all front seat controls such asseat adjusters, seatback recliner, etc. operatesmoothly and that all latches locksecurely in any position. Check that thehead restraint move up and down smoothlyand that the locks hold securely in anylatched position.

Seat belts

Check that the seat belt system such asbuckles, retractors and anchors operateproperly and smoothly. Make sure the beltwebbing is not cut, frayed, worn or damaged.

Accelerator pedal

Check the pedal for smooth operation anduneven pedal effort or catching.

Brake pedal

Check the pedal for smooth operation andthat the pedal has the proper clearance.Check the brake booster function.


In a safe place, check that the brakes donot pull to one side when applied.

Parking brake

Check that the pedal has the proper traveland that, on a safe incline, your vehicleis held securely with only the parkingbrake applied.

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