Toyota Prius Owners Manual

Vehicle maintenance and care / General maintenance / IN THE ENGINE COMPARTMENT

Items listed below should be checkedfrom time to time, e.g. each time whenrefueling.

Washer fluid

Make sure there is sufficient fluid in thetank. See page 422 for additional information.

Coolant level

Make sure the coolant level is betweenthe “FULL” and “LOW” lines on the see−through reservoir when the hybrid systemis cold. See page 406 for additional information.

Radiator, condenser and hoses

Check that the front of the radiator andcondenser are clean and not blocked withleaves, dirt, or insects. See page 408 foradditional information.

Brake fluid level

Make sure the brake fluid level is correct.See page 408 for additional information.

Engine oil level

Check the level on the dipstick with theengine turned off and the vehicle parkedon level spot. See page 404 for additionalinformation.

Exhaust system

If you notice any change in the sound ofthe exhaust or smell exhaust fumes, havethe cause located and corrected immediately.(See “Engine exhaust cautions” onpage 324.)

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