Toyota Prius Owners Manual

Where to go for service?
Vehicle maintenance and care / Maintenance requirements / Where to go for service?

Toyota technicians are well−trained specialistsand are kept up to date with thelatest service information through technicalbulletins, service tips, and in−dealershiptraining programs. They learn to work onToyotas before they work on your vehicle,rather than while they are working on it.You can be confident that your Toyotadealer’s service department performs thebest job to meet the maintenance requirementson your vehicle–reliably and economically.Your copy of the repair order is proof thatall required maintenance has been performedfor warranty coverage. If any problemsshould arise with your vehicle whileunder warranty, your Toyota dealer willpromptly take care of it. Again, be sureto keep a copy of the repair order for anyservice performed on your Toyota.

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