Toyota Prius Owners Manual

Cleaning the interior
Corrosion prevention and appearance care / Cleaning the interior


Do not wash the vehicle floor withwater, or allow water to get ontothe floor when cleaning the vehicleinterior or exterior. Water may getinto audio components or otherelectrical components above or underthe floor carpet (or mat) andcause fire or malfunction; and itmay cause body corrosion.

Vehicles with side airbags:Be careful not to splash water orspill liquid on the floor. This mayprevent the side airbags from activatingcorrectly, resulting in deathor serious injury.

Vinyl interior

The vinyl upholstery may be easilycleaned with a mild soap or detergentand water.

First vacuum over the upholstery to removeloose dirt. Then, using a sponge orsoft cloth, apply the soap solution to thevinyl. After allowing it to soak in for a fewminutes to loosen the dirt, remove the dirtand wipe off the soap with a clean dampcloth. If all the dirt does not come off,repeat the procedure. Commercial foaming−type vinyl cleaners are also availablewhich work well. Follow the manufacturer’sinstructions.


Do not use solvent, thinner, gasolineor window cleaner on the interior.


Use a good foam−type shampoo toclean the carpets.

Begin by vacuuming thoroughly to removeas much dirt as possible. Several types offoam cleaners are available; some are inaerosol cans and others are powders orliquids which you mix with water to producea foam. To shampoo the carpets,use a sponge or brush to apply the foam.Rub in overlapping circles.

Do not apply water—the best results areobtained by keeping the carpet as dry aspossible. Read the shampoo instructionsand follow them closely.

Seat belts

The seat belts may be cleaned withmild soap and water or with lukewarmwater.

Use a cloth or sponge. As you are cleaning,check the belts for excessive wear,fraying, or cuts.


  • Do not use dye or bleach on thebelts−it may weaken them.
  • Do not use the belts until they becomedry.


The windows may be cleaned with anyhousehold window cleaner.


When cleaning the inside of the windows,be careful not to scratch ordamage the heater wires on the rearwindow.

Air conditioning control panel, audio,instrument panel, console panel, andswitches

Use a soft damp cloth for cleaning.

Soak a clean soft cloth in water or lukewarmwater then lightly wipe off dirt.


  • Do not use organic substances (solvents,kerosene, alcohol, gasoline,etc.) or alkaline or acidic solutions.These chemicals can cause discoloring,staining or peeling of thesurface.
  • If you use cleaners or polishingagents, make sure their ingredientsdo not include the substances mentionedabove.
  • If you use a liquid car freshener, donot apply the liquid onto the vehicle’sinterior surfaces. It may containthe ingredients mentionedabove. Immediately clean any spillusing the method mentioned above.

Leather interior

The leather upholstery may be cleanedwith neutral detergent for wool.

Remove dirt using a soft cloth dampenedwith 5% solution of neutral detergent forwool. Then thoroughly wipe off all tracesof detergent with a clean damp cloth.

After cleaning or whenever any part of theleather gets wet, dry with a soft cleancloth. Allow the leather to dry in a ventilatedshaded area.


  • If a stain should fail to come outwith a neutral detergent, apply acleaner that does not contain anorganic solvent.
  • Never use organic substances suchas benzine, alcohol or gasoline, oralkaline or acid solutions for cleaningthe leather as these couldcause discoloring.
  • Use of a nylon brush or syntheticfiber cloth, etc. may scratch thefine grained surface of the leather.
  • Mildew may develop on soiled leatherupholstery. Be especially carefulto avoid oil spots. Try to keep yourupholstery always clean.
  • Long exposure to direct sunlightmay cause the leather surface toharden and shrink. Keep your vehiclein a shaded area, especially inthe summer.
  • The interior of your vehicle is aptto heat up on hot summer days, soavoid placing on the upholsteryitems made of vinyl or plastic orcontaining wax as these tend tostick to leather when warm.
  • Improper cleaning of the leather upholsterycould result in discolorationor staining.

If you have any questions about thecleaning of your Toyota, your localToyota dealer will be pleased to answerthem.

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