Toyota Prius Owners Manual

After changing wheels
In case of an emergency / If you have a flat tire / After changing wheels

10. Check the air pressure of the replacedtire.

Adjust the air pressure to the specificationdesignated on page 434. If thepressure is lower than specified, driveslowly to the nearest Toyota dealerand fill to the correct pressure.

Do not forget to reinstall the tire inflationvalve cap as dirt and moisturecould get into the valve core and possiblycause air leakage. If the cap ismissing, have a new one put on assoon as possible.

As soon as possible after changingwheels, tighten the wheel nuts to thetorque specified on page 434 with atorque wrench. Have a technician repairthe flat tire.

After repairing the flat tire, change itwith compact spare tire and reinstallthe wheel ornament.


Take due care in handling the ornamentto avoid unexpected personalinjury.

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