Toyota Prius Owners Manual

Loosening wheel nuts
In case of an emergency / If you have a flat tire / Loosening wheel nuts

Toyota Prius: Loosening wheel nuts. 3. Loosen all the wheel nuts.

3. Loosen all the wheel nuts.

Always loosen the wheel nuts beforeraising the vehicle.

Turn the wheel nuts counterclockwiseto loosen them. To get maximum leverage,fit the wrench to the nut sothat the handle is on the right side,as shown above. Grab the wrenchnear the end of the handle and pullup on the handle. Be careful that thewrench does not slip off the nut.

Do not remove the nuts yet—just unscrewthem about one−half turn in theorder shown.


Never use oil or grease on thebolts or nuts. The nuts may loosenand the wheels may fall off,which could cause a serious accident.

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