Toyota Prius Owners Manual

If you have a flat tire
In case of an emergency / If you have a flat tire

1. Reduce your speed gradually,keeping a straight line. Move cautiouslyoff the road to a safe placewell away from the traffic. Avoidstopping on the center divider ofa highway. Park on a level spotwith firm ground.

2. Stop the hybrid system and turnon your emergency flashers.

3. Firmly set the parking brake.

4. Have everyone get out of the vehicleon the side away from traffic.

5. Read the following instructionsthoroughly.


When jacking, be sure to observethe following to reduce the possibilityof death or serious injury:

Follow jacking instructions.

Do not put any part of yourbody under a vehicle supportedby a jack. Personal injurymay occur.

Do not start or run the hybridsystem while your vehicle issupported by the jack.

Stop the vehicle at a level firmground, firmly set the parkingbrake. Block the wheel diagonallyopposite to the one beingchanged if necessary.

Make sure to set the jack properlyin the jack point. Raisingthe vehicle with jack improperlypositioned will damage thevehicle or may allow the vehicleto fall off the jack andcause personal injury.

Never get under the vehiclewhen the vehicle is supportedby the jack alone.

Use the jack only for liftingyour vehicle during wheelchanging.

Do not raise the vehicle withsomeone in the vehicle.

When raising the vehicle, donot place any objects on topof or underneath the jack.

Raise the vehicle only highenough to remove and changethe tire.


Do not continue driving with a deflatedtire. Driving even a short distancecan damage a tire and wheelbeyond repair.

Toyota Prius: If you have a flat tire. Compact spare tire

Compact spare tire

The compact spare tire is designedfor temporary emergency use only.

The compact spare tire is identifiedby the distinctive wording “TEMPORARYUSE ONLY” molded into theside wall of the tire.

The compact spare tire saves spacein your luggage compartment, and itslighter weight helps to improve fueleconomy and permits easier installationin case of a flat tire.

The compact spare tire can be usedmany times, if necessary. It has treadlife of up to 4800 km (3000 miles) dependingon road conditions and yourdriving habits. When tread wear indicatorsappear on the tire, replace thetire.

See also the tire information on page411 for details on the tread wear indicatorsand other service information.


The compact spare tire was designedespecially for your Toyota.Do not use it on any othervehicle.

Do not use more than one compactspare tire at the sametime.

Do not exceed 80 km/h (50mph) when driving with thecompact spare tire.

Replace the compact spare tirewith the standard tire as soonas possible.

Avoid sudden acceleration,sudden deceleration and sharpturns with the compact sparetire.


Your ground clearance is reducedwhen the compact spare tire isinstalled so avoid driving over obstaclesand drive slowly on rough, unpavedroads and speed bumps. Also,do not attempt to go through an automaticcar wash as the vehicle mayget caught, resulting in damage.

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