Toyota Prius Owners Manual

Driving in the rain
Starting and driving / Driving in the rain

Driving on a slippery road surface

Drive carefully when it is raining, becausevisibility will be reduced, the windows maybecome fogged−up, and the road will beslippery.

  • Drive carefully when it starts to rain,because the road surface will be especiallyslippery.
  • Refrain from high speeds when drivingon an expressway in the rain, becausethere may be a layer of water betweenthe tires and the road surface, preventingthe steering and brakes from operatingproperly.


  • Sudden braking, acceleration andsteering when driving on a slipperyroad surface may cause tire slippageand reduce your ability tocontrol the vehicle, resulting in anaccident.
  • Sudden changes in engine speed,such as sudden engine braking,may cause the vehicle to skid, resultingin an accident.
  • After driving through a puddle,lightly depress the brake pedal tomake sure that the brakes are functioningproperly. Wet brake padsmay prevent the brakes from functioningproperly. If the brakes ononly one side are wet and not functioningproperly, steering controlmay be affected, resulting in an accident.

When encountering flooded roads

Do not drive on a road that has floodedafter heavy rain etc. Doing so may causeserious damage to the vehicle.


Driving on a flooded road may causethe engine to stall as well as causeserious vehicle malfunctions such asshorts in electrical components andengine damage from water immersion.In the event that you drive on aflooded road and the vehicle isflooded, be sure to have your Toyotadealer check brake function, changesin quantity and quality of engine oil,transaxle fluid for the hybrid system,etc. and lubricant condition for thebearings and suspension joints (wherepossible) and the function of all jointsand bearings.

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