Toyota Prius Owners Manual

Types of tires
OPERATION OF INSTRUMENTS ANDCONTROLS / Information before driving your Toyota / Types of tires

Determine what kind of tires yourvehicle is originally equipped with.

1. All season tires

All season tires are designed to providebetter traction in snow and to beadequate for driving in most winterconditions, as well as for use all yearround.

All season tires, however, do not haveadequate traction performancecompared with snow tires in heavy orloose snow. Also, all season tires fallshort in acceleration and handlingperformance compared with summertires in highway driving.

2. Summer tires

Summer tires are high−speed capabilitytires best suited to highway drivingunder dry conditions.

Since summer tires do not have thesame traction performance as snowtires, summer tires are inadequate fordriving on snow−covered or icy roads.For driving on snow−covered or icyroads, we recommend using snowtires. If installing snow tires, be sureto replace all four tires.

The details about how to distinguishsummer tires from all season tires aredescribed on page 334.


Do not mix summer and all seasontires on your vehicle asthis can cause dangerous handlingcharacteristics, resultingin loss of control.

Do not use tire other than themanufacturer’s designatedtires, and never mix tires orwheels of the sizes differentfrom the originally equippedtires and wheels.

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