Toyota Prius Owners Manual

For efficient use of your vehicle
FEATURES ON NEW TOYOTA VEHICLE / Toyota hybrid system / For efficient use of your vehicle

Drive your vehicle with a smooth accelerationand deceleration.

  • While driving, energy is recoveredthrough the regenerative brake as thevehicle decelerates. However, for moreefficient use, do not accelerate or decelerateyour vehicle more than necessary.
  • Avoid abrupt acceleration and deceleration.
  • The remaining capacity of the hybridbattery can be confirmed on the energymonitor screen of the multi−informationdisplay. See “Information” on page 166for details. Gradual or non−abrupt accelerationor deceleration will more effectivelyuse the benefits of an electricmotor without having to use gasolineengine power.

When parking, be sure to put the hybridtransaxle in “P”. While driving, usethe hybrid transaxle in “D”.

  • In “N”, the gasoline engine operatesbut electricity cannot be generated. Thebattery will be discharged requiring unnecessaryengine power to recharge.
  • The hybrid system automatically rechargesthe hybrid battery when theremaining battery power is reduced.However, the charging is not availableif the hybrid transaxle is “N”.


The gasoline engine starts and stopsautomatically. (It stops during a lowload driving, deceleration or when thevehicle is stopped.)

If the “READY” light remains on, youcan start your vehicle using the electricmotor even with the gasoline enginestopped.

The gasoline engine may not stop automaticallyin the following conditions:

  • During gasoline engine warm−up
  • During hybrid battery charging
  • During low or high hybrid batterytemperature

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