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Toyota Prius: Steering wheel

Adjustment procedure

  1. Hold the steering wheel and push the lever down.

Adjustment procedure / Toyota Prius

  1. Adjust to the ideal position by moving the steering wheel horizontally and vertically.

After adjusting the steering wheel in the Toyota Prius, it's important to secure it by pulling the lever up. This action ensures that the steering wheel is locked into the desired position, providing stability and safety while driving. Properly securing the steering wheel after adjustment helps maintain control and comfort, allowing drivers to confidently navigate their journeys in the adjusted position without any risk of unintended movement.

Adjustment procedure / Toyota Prius


Caution while driving

Do not adjust the steering wheel while driving.

Doing so may cause the driver to mishandle the vehicle and cause an accident, resulting in death or serious injury.

After adjusting the steering wheel

Make sure that the steering wheel is securely locked.

Otherwise, the steering wheel may move suddenly, possibly causing an accident, and resulting in death or serious injury. Also, the horn may not sound if the steering wheel is not securely locked.

Sounding the horn

To sound the horn, press on or close to the mark.

Sounding the horn / Toyota Prius

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