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Toyota Prius: Exhaust gas precautions

Toyota Prius (XW60) 2023-2024 Owner's Manual / For safety and security / For safe use / Exhaust gas precautions

Exhaust gases contain harmful substances that can be dangerous if inhaled. These gases include carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, and particulate matter, all of which can pose serious health risks. Prolonged or excessive exposure to exhaust fumes can lead to respiratory issues, headaches, dizziness, and in severe cases, poisoning or long-term health conditions. It is crucial to ensure proper ventilation and avoid inhaling exhaust gases to protect your health.


Exhaust gases contain harmful carbon monoxide (CO), which is colorless and odorless. Observe the following precautions.

Failure to do so may cause exhaust gases to enter the vehicle and may lead to an accident caused by light-headedness, or may lead to death or a serious health hazard.

Important points while driving

  • Keep the back door closed.
  • If you smell exhaust gases in the vehicle even when the back door is closed, open the side windows and have the vehicle inspected at your Toyota dealer as soon as possible.

When parking

  • If the vehicle is in a poorly ventilated area or a closed area, such as a garage, stop the hybrid system.
  • Do not leave the vehicle with the hybrid system operating for a long time.

    If such a situation cannot be avoided, park the vehicle in an open space and ensure that exhaust fumes do not enter the vehicle interior.

  • Do not leave the hybrid system operating in an area with snow build-up, or where it is snowing.

    If snowbanks build up around the vehicle while the hybrid system operating, exhaust gases may collect and enter the vehicle.

Exhaust pipe

The exhaust system needs to be checked periodically. If there is a hole or crack caused by corrosion, damage to a joint or abnormal exhaust noise, be sure to have the vehicle inspected and repaired by your Toyota dealer.

Toyota Prius (XW60) 2023-2024 Owner's Manual

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