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Toyota Prius: Digital Key

In the 2024 Toyota Prius, drivers have the option to use a smartphone as a digital key instead of the traditional electronic key. This is made possible by installing the dedicated Digital Key App on the smartphone. The Digital Key App allows users to lock and unlock the vehicle, start the engine remotely, and access other key functions directly from their smartphone. This feature enhances convenience by eliminating the need to carry a physical key, while providing secure and flexible access to the Prius. It represents a modern integration of technology that aligns with the evolving needs of drivers seeking seamless connectivity and control over their vehicle.

Also, Digital Key can be shared with your family or friends using the Digital Key App.

Free/open source software information

This product contains Free/open source software (FOSS). License information and/or the source code of this FOSS can be obtained at the following URL

Digital key usage conditions

In order to use the Digital Key, you need to install the Toyota App, Register the Vehicle to the customer's Toyota App profile, and subscribe to Remote Services, and enroll in Digital Key.

Digital key precautions

  • A Digital Key can be used when the smartphone and server can communicate. The Digital Key may become unusable if the smartphone is not connected to the Internet

Be sure to carry the electronic key of the vehicle if traveling to a location with unreliable communications.

  • If the smartphone battery is depleted, the smartphone cannot be used as Digital Key. If the battery level is low, be sure to charge the smartphone prior to going out.
  • The Digital Key system is related to the smart key system.

    If the smart key system has been deactivated in the vehicle customization setting, the Digital Key will also be disabled.

  • Depending on the radio wave environment, the Digital Key may not be able to be used.
  • When transferring vehicle ownership, make sure to delete the Digital Keys.
  • If the vehicle is not operated for 14 days or more, the Digital Key will not connect automatically.

    Therefore, it may take some time before the system operates after a door handle is touched.

  • A part of the services may be stopped for a certain period of time due to server maintenance.

    However, registered Digital Keys can be used during the maintenance.

  • A smartphone with the Digital Key App enabled will be able to lock and unlock the doors, start the hybrid system and perform any other operations as same as the electronic key of the vehicle. Be especially careful not to lose the smartphone or allow it to be stolen.

    If the smartphone is lost or stolen, contact your Toyota dealer immediately.

  • When taking your vehicle to a Toyota dealer for an inspection or repairs, make sure to bring an electronic key.
  • With the Digital Key alone, no vehicle lights will illuminate when approached to the vehicle.

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